The most popular English Accents Of The World.

Very funny (A mixture of British Accents)

Brazilian English Accents

Australian Accent

South African Accent

 The Africaan Accent

The Scottish Accent

The Welsh Accent

The Indian Accent

Four American accents

The Canadian Accent

The Southern Irish Accent

Northern Irish Accent

New Zealand Accent (Kiwi)

Pakistani English Accent

 Australian Accent (2)

Spanish English Accent

Spanish Accent (2)

Regional English Accents

Geordie Accent (Newcastle on Tyne)

Lancashire Accent (North West England)

Liverpool Accents

Posh English Accents

Cockney Accent (London)

Potteries Accent (Middle England. Stoke on Trent)

Classic Granddad Piggott  (Stoke on Trent)

 Yorkshire Accent (Middle Northern  English)

Glasgow Accent (East Scotland)

 Glasgow part 2 (aggression)