Share Learning

Why I decided to do this page?


I was thinking about the way my teaching English business works today and as I feel passionately about the way I feel about my students and their learning progress I came up with the idea of connecting everyone together. At the moment I communicate with each of you individually both when teaching English and as friends. So the thought occurred to me, why not allow the students to communicate with each other too. After all, you all have different skills in English, are at different stages of development and could possibly offer each other added information and at the very least make new friends with the common goal of learning English and travelling. I have called these relationships “LSL” for Let’s Share Learning. Below is a diagram of how our relationships work now and below that is my vision of how it could be.

Our teaching relationships now.
relationship-beforeOur Future Relationships with LSL.


 Now, as you can see, not only am I in contact with you all passing on my teaching skills, but you are all in contact with each other, sharing what you have learnt and what you intend to do with your new skills. Students have all kinds of reasons to learn English. Below are just a few. Just imagine the benefit of have a common interest in English and having contacts in different countries. Those students wishing to travel to English speaking countries could well find value in getting to know someone living in that country. Knowing of schools, visa rules, accommodation in particular cities and countries. The possibilities are endless. Besides, one can never have enough good friends and contacts.  We have a saying in English. “You can never have enough friends”

20180108_195303-01.jpeg So, how will this project be organised? I intend asking each student by email if they have any objections to me adding a small biography (Student Bio Page) of each student on my webpage and adding a link to their Facebook page or an email address. I will send out the email and if you do object then reply to me and I if I don’t hear from you then I will assume you don’t mind. Below if a link to the new “Student Bio Page”