HELP less fortunate young people help themselves in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Heh, my name is Steve Bradeley, Prof. Steve Bradeley as I’m known in SP.  I’m an English Teacher working with people in Sao Paulo. Time and time again I hear “but I can’t afford to learn English” In Brasil, English is so important, it’s a way out of poverty and a way to improve your life. Imagine being a young person in Sao Paulo looking to get a start on the ladder of lfe. Without English it’s almost impossible to get out of the poverty trap we are all aware of. In Brazil it’s ten times as hard as it is in modern Europe. I’ve been here for nearly eight years now teaching young people how to speak English and most drop out through lack of funds. I can’t teach people for free it’s impossible. So help me to develop my school and help some of these people get on in life.

What we want to do to be very very clear is to be able to offer English lessons to young people and teach them English even if they can’t afford it. Once a student expresses a wish to learn then money won’t stand in his way. We have a way to “SAY YES” We believe that our campaign is a very unselfish campaign and is aimed at helping others create a life.

What are the problems?

In SP there are many private English schools but they offer large crowded classes and are expensive. The minimum wage here is R$800 per month, the equivalent of £180.00 per month. This is the minimum per week in the UK. State schools are very very poor and don’t offer effective English lessons. So, the only chance is to pay high monthly school fees, if you can. Clearly, on £180.00 per month this is not possible if you come from a favela or poor working class family.

What do we want to do?

As already stated, it’s simple. Offer poorer young people the chance to learn English in a good school. Tuition and learning materials.

What do we need?

We need cash. regular income in small generous donations. The equivalent of £80.00 British pounds or $100.00 US Dollars a month will pay for one student. He or she will then have nothing to pay. So..

$800.00 US per month will allow 10 students to study English.
$8,000.00 Dollars a month will allow 100 students to study free of charge. So we would like to have 800 Patreons all donating $1.00 per month. That would simply be amazing.

If you can help us in any way we will send you a free e-book every month as a reward. Plus photos of the people we meet and work with. Thank you in advance.

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On Monday 27th February I fell from the bottom step of the stairs in my home and slipped on a small puddle of water and broke my knee cap into two pieces.

It couldn’t have come at a worse time as Renata and I had just bought our tickets back to the UK to start our honeymoon travelling around Europe in our new camper van. So, Im stuck in Brasil for a further six weeks. Below is our video diary of how we coped.

It’s not easy going to the loo in a wheelchair!

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Quer aulas de Inglês?(Want English Lessons)

Se você está pensando em tomar aulas de Inglês, envie-me um pedido whatsapp. Sou Inglês Britânico e moro em São Paulo.

If you are thinking of taking English lessons, send me a Whatsapp request.

+44 749778 4789 or email: or Facebook


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 Steve Bradeley

Prof. Steve Bradeley BSc (Hons)   

Professor Nativo Britânico

Então você está procurando aulas de Inglês?

So you are looking for English lessons!

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