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Quer aulas de Inglês? (Want English Lessons)

Se você está pensando em tomar aulas de Inglês, envie-me um pedido whatsapp.

Sou Inglês Britânico e moro em São Paulo.

If you are thinking of taking English lessons, send me a Whatsapp request. 749778 4789 or email:




english business

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Prof. Steve Bradeley BSc (Hons)   

Professor Nativo Britânico

Então você está procurando aulas de Inglês?

So you are looking for English lessons!

Look no further.

I use the most effective and quickest system of teaching English ever produced, with online interactive website learning, mp3 recordings of your lessons,  so learning on your smartphone, One to one lessons in my interactive online classroom. My lesson are 60 minutes and are exclusive to my 20 students only. You have access to me 24/7 as your Private English Teacher. You will learn quickly and have fun.

For the most professional and effective English lessons available in the WORLD!. One to one lessons in your own home or in your workplace online.

Message me today to book your times. No contracts, book your lessons week by week and pay during your lesson. Oh!  I forgot to say. ” Your books are free with me”

Beginner,  Intermediate,  Advanced,  Business for English,  IELTS Preparation, Structured Conversation. 749 778 4789   

Email: or


“Learning English can be fun, cost effective and time efficient”

“Just 90 minutes a week and then 15 minutes each day to listen and review”




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